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Norwegian ukulele : Jentå og Krågå, Hovedøen and Alt Som Er Ingenting

04 2009

Today we are heading for Norway where a few new ukulele videos have cropped up.

The first song is a Norwegian version of a famous Swedish song by Mikael Wiehe called Flickan och Kråkan (The Girl and the Crow). It tells the story of someone who is reminded of a dream while reading a newspaper.

The dream is about a little girl who finds a wounded crow and who runs as fast as she can through the forest to try and get help to save the crow. She runs wildly, hoping she will not be too late. But the crow dies and the dreamer realises with distress that the picture of the girl was a picture of himself and that the crow represented his hopes.

The song is translated into New Norwegian (Nynorsk) Jentå og krågå and is sung by the Norwegian duett Svein Fuglestad and Tone Skaali.

Swedish lyrics and chords can be found here.

Next video is a ukulele cover of a hit from 1957, a song by Norwegian actress and singer Kari Diesen called Hovedøen. Hovedøen or Hovedøya is an island off the coast of Oslo. Lyrics and a translation can be found here.

Discovered on Ukulele Hunt a couple of weeks ago, Norwegian Siri Nilsen and her amazing voice filmed during a live performance on the NRK talk show. Her song is called Alt som er ingenting (everything that’s nothing).

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  1. Acilius on the 6th of October 2009 @ 20:23

    Excellent selections, Armelle! A friend of mine once set out to learn Norwegian solely to prove that a casual remark a professor of his had made about Ibsen was wrong. These videos provide a far better reason to learn Norwegian, I think.

  2. Armelle Europe on the 7th of October 2009 @ 08:34

    Acilius : thank you for your positive feedback ! Norwegian is indeed a nice language and it is a good idea to learn at least one Scandinavian language.
    Any reason that makes you want to learn a new language is a good one :)

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