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Original songs : Weekly Ukulele World Tour

17 2010

Many original songs in this week’s Ukulele World Tour, with a focus on Europe and Asia. We’ll be starting with France (yes, I know France is video number one yet again, but it is really nice), moving North-East to Germany then Poland, back to Switzerland and end up in Thailand.

1. Country: France / Language: French

Les Poupées Gonflées have just released a new song, Les Copines de la Femme de Mon Mari (The girlfriends of my husband’s wife).  Lovely vocal harmonies, great video, a real treat.

Many thanks to Valérie from Les Poupées Gonflées for sending me the link.

2. Country: Germany / Language: English

Next comes a nice original song by Earlyguard, Remarkable, performed on ukulele and GarageBand

3. Country: Poland / Language: Polish

In a rather different style, an original ukulele song in Polish by KubaPrachowski, Taki Dzien.

4. Country: Switzerland / Language: Japanese

Ukulele player and social media freak Sebi has just written a 24 episode cell phone novel, November Sun, looking into the lives of a group of Japanese students sharing their love of music and social medias. More information on the novel on Sebi’s website.

Sebi has also written an original song based on his novel. Here is Hoki’s song.

5. Country: Thailand /  Language : Thai

To end this post on a happy and colourful note with many ukes, and to wish you all a good weekend, Singto Numchok performing สิงโต นำโชค. (Lucky lion)

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  1. Herman on the 17th of September 2010 @ 20:05

    Je préfère les Poupées Gonflées!

  2. Armelle Europe on the 18th of September 2010 @ 17:51

    Herman: they are great, aren’t they? I am not surprised you favourited them.

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