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Polish, Serbian, Thai, Greek, Kadazan : Ukulele World Tour

24 2011

This World Tour Post will make you travel to Eastern and Southern Europe as well as Asia and should delight your ears with a wide variety of languages.

Many thanks to Al from the best ukulele blog Uke Hunt for sending me links to many of the videos featured in this post.

1. Country: United-Kingdom / Language : Polish

British singer and songwriter Katy Carr performs O Moj Rozmarynie

2. Country: Serbia / Language: Serbian

Jelena Petošević performs Želim da ti otkrijem čarobnu baštu

3. Country: Japan / Language: Thai

Shigeto Takahashi performs the theme song of the Thailand Ukulele Festival

4. Country: Greece / Language: Greek

A cover of a song by Greek singer Leonida Balafas (Λεωνίδας Μπαλάφας). The song is called Πυροσβεστήρας [Purosbesteras] – Fire Extinguisher and is performed by the band Apostolos Gougoulakis & Band.

5. Country: Malaysia / Language: Instrumental

An instrumental ukulele cover of a Kadazan song written by Irene ThaddeusKa’Andaman Ku Doid Kampung. I wish this were not an instrumental cover as Kadazan would have been a nice addition to the collection of languages of this blog. Kadazan is an Austronesian language spoken in the State of Sabah in Malaysia.

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