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Svavar Knútur, Siri Nilsen, Scandinavian Uke Tour : Weekly Ukulele World Tour

30 2010

I am not sure whether it is the fact that temperatures have been unusually low this week or rather my reading a fascinating book about Norse Mythology but this week’s Ukulele World Tour will be exclusively Scandinavian.

On the menu, a favourite of mine, Svavar Knútur from Iceland, Siri Nilsen singing in Norwegian, some punk uke with Swedish Elvira Bira, a ukulele composition from Denmark by Carsten Knudsen , and a fishy Danish children song by the Kapitalen Klash.

1. Country: Iceland / Language: Icelandic

Most of Svavar Knútur‘s latest videos are guitar videos so I was well pleased to find one featuring the ukulele and even more pleased by the fact that he was singing in Icelandic, a language that really ravishes my ears.

Svavar Knútur is a talented Icelandic folk singer songwriter with a wonderful melancholy voice often singing about Icelandic myths and legends. Read an interview of Svavar Knútur here.

Svavar Knútur singing Mamma at the Melodica Acoustic Festival in Iceland.

2. Country: Norway / Language: Norwegian

Another pleasant find this week is this video of Siri Nilsen and her ukulele performing a duo, live and in Norwegian, at the Oslo Book Festival. A shame that the filming stops abruptly…

Siri Nilsen and her bandmates performing Det går bra.

3. Country: Sweden / Language: Swedish

And now for some ukulele punk and some wild strumming with Swedish Elvira Bira performing Natalie live.

4. Country : Denmark / Language: Danish

I believe Danish ukulele players are either very few or very much keeping to themselves as it is very rare to find any ukulele activity from Denmark. Here are my findings in rather different styles:

Carsten Knudsen composes music on the ukulele and here is one of his instrumental creations, Funny Fish

Completely unrelated apart from the fish part, a children song about a fish, Fiskens sang, by the Kapitalen Klash

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  1. Kim Jorgensen on the 1st of October 2010 @ 19:17

    Perhaps Kim Jorgensen’s work as Reginald Farnsworth would count as Danish. His youtube site is kjorgensen100.

  2. Jason on the 7th of October 2010 @ 01:35

    Svavar Knútur’s Mamma is a wonderful song. He really shows how to bring out the best of the ukulele sound in this piece.

  3. Armelle Europe on the 7th of October 2010 @ 17:52

    Kim: Thanks for submitting a video although there isn’t much Danish to be heard :)

    Jason: I agree with you entirely. Svavar Knútur is very talented. Clementine is another of his songs where he brings out the best of the uke. Cf :

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