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07 2011

Today we’ll explore quite a few traditional songs played on the uke, before moving on to other types of songs from around the world and ending up with a couple of pop/rock ukulele covers and a funny bluesy original song to give you energy for the rest of the weekend.

Country: United-States / Language: English

ErinBev performs a traditional Scottish Folksong from the 18th century, The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond, on a baritone ukulele.

Lyrics and the history of the song. which was first published in 1841, can be found on Wikipedia.

Country: United-Kingdom / Language: English

Krabbers performs a slave song called Oh Mary Don’t You Weep

Lyrics can be found here. If you’d like to try the song yourself, Krabbers did indicate the chords he used: Em (0432), B7 (4320), Am (2000). For extra information about the origin of the song, read the following Wikipedia article.

Bilious Bob and Johnnie perform a traditional Northumbrian March, Sir Sidney Smith’s March (Instrumental) on baritone ukulele and guitar.

Country: Germany / Language: Instrumental

A traditional hymn from Germany based on a version published in 1850 arranged and played by Ole Lele on a Martin Style-1 soprano ukulele.

Country: Hungary / Language: Instrumental

Bluesbean plays a song by Hungarian singer songwriter Illés Lajos.

Country: Norway / Language: Norwegian

The Hobnobs perform Takk for det

Country: France /Language: English

Ukulele Troubadour Yan Yalego is having great fun doing this cover of Sheik of Araby on a banjolele

Country: France /Language: Brazilian Portuguese

French band Lacca’s Dream’n Bass (featuring a tenor ukulele) perform Playa Vermelha.

Country: Indonesia /Language: Indonesian

Fandymukhlish performs a song called Revolusi (kehilangan arti).

Country: United-Kingdom(Scotland) / Language: English

And now for the energising pop rock covers. Starting with Gus and Fin doing a Scottish song and then rocking the New Year with a cover of Tiger Feet by English band Mud.

Country: United-States / Language: English

Thumbs Up covers There She Goes Again by the Velvet Underground.

To end this post, an original funny song by Michael v, I’ve Got Mustard On My Ukulele.

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