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Ukulele in the Arctic (Greenland, Inuktitut and more)

13 2009

A friend of mine has recently sent me a mail saying that he’d just visited East Greenland and that is was a truly beautiful place, very wild _imagine, 3000 people living on 2600km of coastline !
Thanks to Edward for letting me use one of his pictures in this post : the village of Kulusuk.
Kulusuk, East Greenland

His mail was just what I needed to start searching for ukulele videos from Greenland.A bit crazy I know but… I can’t help it. Surprisingly I did find a ukulele player from Greenland.
Her name is Nive Nielsen and she is an Inuk. I didn’t find any ukulele video where she sings in Inuktitut but here is a song called The Winter Song in English : The Winter Song

And here is a video of another song by Nive Nielsen called Room :

This post would not be complete if we didn’t get to hear what Inuktitut sounded like. So here is a guitar song I found in Inuktitut:

Let us now travel to Greenland (Kalaallit Nunaat) with this video:

Eskimos have also inspired a French ukulele band from Brittany
called TooSoft. Here is their song Eskimo played during an acoustic session for Le Cargo, a French webzine.

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