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Ukulele and Celtic languages (Part V)

08 2009

Writing a post on Ukulele and Celtic languages was not an easy task. I’ve been scanning YouTube for videos in the different Gaelic languages for hours and my eyesight is now a bit blurry.
There are songs in Gaelic all right but not so many featuring a ukulele.

As a result I have been a bit more lenient and accepted other instruments for some of the Celtic languages until someone sends me videos featuring both ukulele (banjolele acceptable too) and Celtic languages. In the meantime, enjoy the sound of the languages !

19. Cymraeg (Welsh) – Cyri by Gwibdaith Hen Fran
Thanks to Al from Uke Hunt for sending me the link to this video and for relaying information on my search for ukulele videos in various languages.

20. Gaeilge (Irish) – Oro Se Do Bheatha Ahaile
There is a very interesting article on Wikipedia explaining the origin of the song, with lyrics both in Irish and in English. Chords can be found here

Unfortunately, this video has been removed from YouTube.

21. Brezhoneg (Breton) – Tri Martolod (3 sailors)
This song was written in 1972 and tells the story of three sailors who go to sea. They reach Newfoundland and one of them meets a waitress whom he wants to marry.
The song goes on explaining how the couple will live with no money at all. The lyrics in Breton can be found here

22. Kernewek (Cornish) – Holya Spyrys Tramor by Matthew Clarke
This song would sound great on ukulele! It tells the story of a man leaving Cornwall to go copper mining in Australia (the only word I can understand in the song).

23. Gàidhlig (Scottish) – Gràdh Geal mo Chridhe
The lyrics of this traditional Scottish song, an Eriskay love lilt can be found here in Scottish and in English

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