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Ukulele and European languages

04 2009

As a linguist I have tried to bring together two of my interests in this post : ukulele and languages.

So here is a little tour of Europe with songs in different languages.

1. Latin countries : Spanish – Lamento borincano (song from Puerto Rico)

2. Latin Countries : Italian – L’Inverno non c’e’ piu’

3. Latin Countries : French  – C’était l’hiver (Francis Cabrel)

This one has a little story as it is sung by a German ukulele player who had decided to sing a song in French for me after I had posted a comment on one of his YouTube videos. Thanks Dirk and well done !

4. German :Laubfrosch Blues

5. Scandinavian Countries : Norwegian – Kanskje kommer kongen

6. Scandinavian Countries : Icelandic – Undir Regnbogann
Lyrics and chords can be found here.

7. Scandinavian Countries : Swedish – Nåt med ukulele i

8. Finnish – ukuleleheppu

If your language is not represented here and you know of a nice ukulele video song, please let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom right of this post.
You could also take the opportunity to create a ukulele video in your own language and send me the link to it. I would be glad to collect ukulele videos in as many languages as possible.

Looking for ukulele songs from a specific country? Try entering the name of the country in the search field at the top right of this page.

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  1. Al on the 4th of May 2009 @ 03:14

    Excellent idea for a post, Armelle. I wish people would sing in their native languages more often rather than in English.

    The Italians are doing a very good at the moment. The UKEit CD is all in Italian and has a load of good tracks.

  2. HaileISela on the 4th of May 2009 @ 03:27

    I would like to see some British English too. (and Gaelic and all the other languages around Europe^^)

  3. Al on the 4th of May 2009 @ 03:30

    I’m not sure British English really counts. There’s loads of it about and it’s not like English singers do, or could, sing in another language. But it is interesting to hear people singing in their own regional dialects. Search for ‘Barnsley Anthem’ on YouTube to see what I mean.

    I think people should be encouraged to sing in their native language and in their own accents – it always sounds better than English sung in a mid-Atlantic accent.

    Gaelic ukulele: that I would like to hear.

  4. Shelley on the 11th of May 2009 @ 02:23

    ‘Brandend Zand’ performed by “The Big Damn Ukulele Band” in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  5. Armelle Europe on the 4th of May 2009 @ 03:14

    Thanks Al ! I’m glad you liked it. I’ve enjoyed looking for native language videos and I will probably create more posts on the subject in the future.
    I like the Italian video too. I remember you posted a video from fabiokoryu “la crisi” on your blog.
    If you know a good ukulele video in British English, send me the link so I can post it too.

  6. Armelle Europe on the 4th of May 2009 @ 03:27

    HaileIsela : Me too ! I hope more people will react to this post so I eventually receive links to videos in the – many – missing languages !

  7. Armelle Europe on the 4th of May 2009 @ 03:30

    Al : I agree with you on encouraging people to sing in their native language although I find that English is a perfect language for music. It’s light, fluid, words are not too long… There are no harsh sounds…(except in certain dialects), it flows so naturally.
    English has always fascinated me in that respect. It is a beautiful language.
    Another issue is that many people won’t bother listening to songs in a foreign language, so singing in English is a way of making sure more people will understand.

  8. Armelle Europe on the 11th of May 2009 @ 02:23

    Shelley, thanks for submitting a video. I’ll keep the link for later use as I already have a Dutch video which you can see here

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