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Ukulele in French speaking countries

21 2009

To be quite exact the title should have been “Ukulele in some French speaking countries”. Different places, different styles, as you will see from the videos below.
I didn’t find any ukulele video from any African French speaking country nor any from Guyane, Martinique or Guadeloupe so as usual, if you know any, please let me know.

Belgium and Québec
A video from a Ukulele Session. Saule (Baptiste Lalieu) is half Sicilian, half Belgian and has grown up in Belgium. Pierre Lapointe is from Quebec. They are singing a song called “Sur le Fil”.  There is also a piano song from Pierre Lapointe called “27-100 rue des partances”.

FranceA ukulele video from French rock band Dionysos (from Valence). The lovely graphic animation is done by Kerascoet duo (Marie Pommepuy & Sébastien Cosset) from the illustrations of Joann Sfar


This video is dedicated to the Tahitians living in Montpellier so I’ll take it as representative for Tahiti.


This video is a cover of a song by Swiss singer Stephan Eicher but I can’t guarantee that the guy who is doing the cover is from Switzerland himself.

Canada – Quebec

A live video from Quebecan poet and musician Marie-Eve Bouchard singing “Le vide“.

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