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Ukulele : Iceland, help me keep my cool…

08 2009

Firstly, let me announce the birth of a new Ukulele website :

The COULE (Lille and surroundings Ukulele Club) have launched their own site today, where you can keep track of their activities and sessions. You will find a portrait of some of the members of the COULE as well as ukulele-related information both in French and English.

This afternoon I have tried to keep my cool and have not quite managed. Iceland should help me, if not I’ll have to turn to Greenland or Siberia.
I have always been fascinated by Iceland and Icelandic. Iceland is very high in my list of countries to visit.
I had even started to learn Icelandic but since I’ve taken up the ukulele and my ukulele and languages project I haven’t had much time to work on it.
Ég ætla að læra islenkú (I intend to learn Icelandic) but it’s hard to find people to practise with around here…

Anyway, here is a ukulele song in Icelandic :

Update : The video has been made private. You can watch another video in Icelandic by Soffia here

And just in case you’d like to follow, here are the lyrics :

Ég vildi tala við þig,
Ég hélt þú þekktir mig.
Þú kallaðir mig forljóta,
viltu ekki bara mig skjóta?

Íslenskir strákar,
íslenskir strákar.

Þú sagðir mér leyndarmál,
Hefur samt enga sál.
Þið viljið bara brjóst og ljóst hár,
má ég ekki bara vera klár?

Íslenskir strákar,
íslenskir strákar. x2

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  1. Al on the 8th of June 2009 @ 01:59

    Icelandic is my all time favourite accent. Have you seen the ‘Elf watching with Hafdis Huld’ video? I could listen to that all day.

  2. Armelle Europe on the 8th of June 2009 @ 01:59

    @Al : Yes, it’s very sweet. The Icelandic accent has a kind of ethereal quality to it. The CD I had bought to learn Icelandic was 100% icelandic and I used to play that on my way to work. I just loved the sound, even though I didn’t understand what they said past lesson 14…

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