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Ukulele instrumentals, rag, pop, punk, blues : Weekly Ukulele World Tour

17 2011

This week’s _or rather last week’s belated_ ukulele World Tour will highlight ukulele instrumentals, with many rags, a bit of pop, punk and blues. Enjoy !

Country: United Kingdom/ Language: Instrumental

Wellington Rag , a tune written in New-Zealand by Clive Harvey

Al performs an excellent instrumental cover of  Take a Chance on Me by ABBA.

Al will be back from his blog break at the end of this week so you can expect to see the tabs on his site very soon.

Update: tabs are now available on Uke Hunt here.

Country: Canada / Language: Instrumental

Rob certainly loves a ukulele challenge and demonstrates that even unlikely tunes can be played on the ukulele. Here he is perfoming an instrumental rendition of Nature Without Man by American punk band Minutemen.

In case you are wondering why I’m saying it’s an unlikely tune for the ukulele, take a listen to the original song here

Country: Germany / Language: Instrumental

TheMasterAchim performs a Ukulele Rag on a Lanikai CK Teq Curly Koa Tenor

Country: Japan/ Language: Instrumental and English

The Mighty Uke present the Sweet Hollywaiians playing the 12th street rag.

Time for a Ukulele blues with Danny Blackwell

Finally, another rag by Carlos playing the Laughing Rag

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  1. Rob (Sanfordandsong) on the 17th of January 2011 @ 20:11

    Thanks Armelle!

    Through the miracles of facebook, I was excited to find out that Mike Watt himself (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Stooges, etc.) saw and enjoyed this rendition!

  2. Armelle Europe on the 17th of January 2011 @ 20:31

    Rob: now, that’s the beginning of fame! Excellent.

  3. Jeff / Humble Uker on the 26th of January 2011 @ 06:40

    Those Hollywaiians are a truly amazing group. I saw them at Mike DaSilva’s in Berkeley, CA twice.

  4. Armelle Europe on the 26th of January 2011 @ 17:42

    Jeff: you’re lucky to have seen them play live.

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