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Ukulele in the land of the Rising Sun – Japanese Uke Tube

19 2009

Of all ukulele players (English-speaking players aside), Japanese ukulele players have been the most active in the past month, with many new YouTube uploads of ukulele songs in Japanese. Enough videos to hold a small Japanese Uke Tube while we are all impatiently waiting for Al from Uke Hunt to come back from his break.

Let’s start with this live performance from Taka & Nyaomi at a summer festival, performing one of their own songs.

Next is a video of Daisy Dobuyuki performing a blues song in the street.

A bit more live action with masked ukulele players.

Different mask, different style, here is a cover by Kambetochi

To end this post, a ukulele cartoon in Japanese :

As you will have noticed, I did not give many details on the videos. This is because I don’t speak Japanese and the results I got from Google Translate were far from convincing, sometimes quite amusing. Just enjoy the music !

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