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Ukulele in various islands

06 2009

Today’s ukulele videos in native languages will be focusing on songs from various islands.
I am very grateful to all the Ukulele Underground members who sent me links !

12. Tagalog
(dialect from the Philippines) – ang huling el bimbo ukulele

and here is another one in Tagalog from Bosko and Honey’s ukulele safari, by Seeso (with English subtitles).

13. Samoan song by Taimane

14. Hawaiian

Another Hawaiian song by keonepax.
Lyrics can be found on the “more info” link on the YouTube page

15 – Tahitian (on tahitian ukulele : 8 strings)

There are more languages in store for future posts. Don’t hesitate to send me links to native ukulele videos

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