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Ukulele Pacific Islands Tour : Weekly Ukulele World Tour

10 2010

This week I’m inviting you to pack your suitcases and fly to various islands of the Pacific where turquoise waters and sunny beaches wash your worries away to the sound of merry ukulele playing.

1. Fiji islands

If you ever travel to the Fiji islands, you might be met by a welcome committee just like this one, singing a traditional Fijian welcome song to you.

Apparently, Bula means Hello in Fijian.

2. Vanuatu

Moving East of Fiji in Melanesia, let’s listen to a string band from Vanuatu playing a song which is a bit like a second national anthem for the island. The video features pictures of Vanuatu, an invitation to travel along with the music.

3. Marshall islands

Ben sings a song he has learnt from the Marshall Islands High School gospel choir. It’s called Mour Eo Mokta

4. Guam

Another solo performer, Jimmy from Guam performs the territorial hymn of Guam. Chords and lyrics can be found on his website.

5. Bunaken Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia

A local string bands playing at a party

6. Tonga

I’ll be ending this post on a more solemn note with a group of Tongan singing an hymn for a departed one. Thanks Al for the link to this video.

The song is called Kalapu Uasila’a

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