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Ukulele : from Paris to Brazil

11 2009

After all the buzz around the Paris UkeFest, I am quite happy to resume my normal Ukulele& Languages activities from my peaceful retreat in the gentle hills of Burgundy.

Without transition I’m taking you from Paris to Brazil to introduce you to a Brazilian band called Marcelo Mendes e os Bacanas.

Marcelo was kind enough to contact me to contribute to my list of Ukulele songs in Brazilian Portuguese.

Listen to this nice little song called Diz aí, Vladmir (what’s up, Vladmir ?) : Diz aí, Vladmir

For the linguists, I have asked Marcelo for the lyrics  :

Diz aí, Vladmir, o que vai na sua cabeça
Não é agindo assim que você vai pegar alguém
Ah, Vladmir
Erga a cabeça, não se esqueça
Que o passado ficou pra trás
Diz aí, Vladmir, Não tô entendendo essa sua atitude
Todo esse derrotismo vai acabar me contagiando
Ah, Vladmir
Erga a cabeça, não se esqueça
Que o passado ficou pra trás

Marcelo and his band are currently working on a new album which should be released by the end of this year. This album should contain about 4 or 5 ukulele songs so I’ll keep you posted when it comes out.

Next is a video of a cover of a song called Amada Amante by Brazilian singer and songwriter Roberto Carlos by Marcelo Mendes. Lyrics can be found here.

For more information on Marcelo Mendes e os Bacanas :
– you can check their MySpace MySpace
– you can check Marcelo’s
YouTube channel.

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