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Ukulele songs in German

01 2009

It’s about time I started refreshing my knowledge of German. I did study it many years ago but I haven’t really used it since I left university for I chose to learn other languages instead.
So here are a few ukulele songs in German.

First of all a cover of Das Modell by the band Kraftwerk.
We’ve already seen Tony‘s talent in the Yorkshire tune “Barnsley Anthem Dun’t Put Thi Muck In Our Dustbin” and that’s him again in German. The lyrics can be found in the info section here.

Next is a German ukulele song about UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome) by Bernd Dombrowski : Weil ich `ne Ukulele kauf ! (Because I’m buying a Ukulele).
Lyrics can be found here in the info section.

Finally a Live German cover of Morissey’s “First of the gang to die” by Perrecy. Der erste der Jungs der starb.
Lyrics can be found here in the YouTube info section.

I’ll end this post with a message to all of you German ukulele players, if you know of videos of ukulele songs in any German dialect, please let me know. Ich möchte gerne etwas über Ukulele lieder in Deutschen Dialekten schreiben.

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