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Ukulele trip around the globe

02 2010

Today is the start of my holidays which means I am in rather high spirits despite a nasty cold. Perfect time to travel the world of ukulele ! Here is an international uke tube which will take you to all corners of the globe.


Hearing a Welsh song performed on a ukulele is very rare so I am quite pleased with this find !

Ar Lan Môr, Welsh traditional on ukulele performed by Nic. For an English translation of the lyrics, check the description of the video.

From the United-Kingdom to Brazil

Cousin Alice, whom I discovered at the Paris Uke Fest last year along withTricity Vogue and the Sugarsnap Sisters, has travelled to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to remix and record her latest song Swinging on Rainbows. She has teamed up with Brazilian musicians to record the song.

Here is the official video, produced by Sinapse Comunicacoes e Idéias :


L’OrcheStra Fottente performing L’invasione degli acari giganti. Thanks to PotOfBasil for letting me know about this rather original orchestra.

France and Canada

Refrain80 from France is covering J’aime la Pêche, a song by Canadian Linda Lemay


Messyhair and her merry friends are covering the theme of an old TV show.


Some classical ukulele from Japan with Gawasiman and a friend playing Georges Bizet‘s Prelude of Carmen on ukulele and guitar.


Ukulele playing and singing at a Alara school in Kenya


Finally, an Easter video from TheElrondo from Germany, playing around with his webcam software while playing the ukulele.

Fusselst Du ? A Bear, a rabbit, my Ukulele and me :

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  1. Herman Vandecauter on the 2nd of April 2010 @ 19:21

    Nice serie!

  2. Armelle Europe on the 3rd of April 2010 @ 15:26

    Herman : glad you enjoyed !

  3. herman vandecauter on the 21st of December 2010 @ 08:59

    Bizet is very nice on the uke!

  4. Armelle Europe on the 22nd of December 2010 @ 14:19

    Herman : I agree. And Gawasiman is a skilled player.

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