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Ukulele videos of French songs revisited by non-natives (Part Two)

31 2009

My world tour of ukulele videos of French songs by non-natives goes on.

Today you can decide whether you feel rather BelgianSingaporeanAmerican, Japanese or Australian, based on different ukulele performances of “Les Champs  Élysées” by Joe Dassin (who recorded songs in no less than 7 languages : English, French, Italian, German, Greek, Russian and Spanish).
So what’s your vote ?

1. Australia

2. Belgium

3. Japan

4. United States

5. Singapore

If you are not a French native speaker and have recorded your own ukulele version of this song, feel free to submit the link to me in an email.

Cast your vote by leaving a comment !

If you wish to give the song a try, you can find the chords here (browse to the bottom of the page).

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  1. Marcelo on the 31st of July 2009 @ 09:32

    Tell me about stereotypes… What you think when you think about Brazil? See this:


  2. Armelle Europe on the 31st of July 2009 @ 00:00

    Marcelo : Thanks for the link. The first thing that springs to my mind when thinking about Brazil is football(although I am far from being a football fan), not women :)

  3. Tim on the 31st of July 2009 @ 08:10

    The Belgian entry sounds like an English person. Or was she Flemish? Looks like she found it quite traumatic :)

  4. Armelle Europe on the 31st of July 2009 @ 09:54

    Tim : her YouTube channel says Belgium so I assumed she was Flemish. It’s true she does sound English but I’d need to hear her speak to make sure. Someone’s accent is different when singing and when speaking.

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