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Ukulele videos of French songs revisited by non-natives (Part Three)

06 2009

Quite a few non-French natives have taken up the challenge to sing in French as you will see in today’s selection.

Haagendazs34 from the United States is singing a medley of three rather recent French songs : Ma soeur/Femme like U (Donne moi ton corps)/La lettre. I believe she really loves French because it is hard enough to sing one song in another language but a meddley of three, that’s adding to the difficulty!

Next we witness how singing a French tune gladdens ukulele players from North London.The S.O.U.P (don’t ask them what it means or they’ll kill you) cover Gabriel, a song by Najoua Belyzel.

Further up North, in beautiful Iceland, SoffiaOsk is not only singing in French, she actually wrote the song herself.

I can’t resist ending this post with a ukulele instrumental of a song by Edith Piaf called Sous le ciel de Paris because I just love Ukulelezaza‘s arrangement of the song.  Ukulelezaza is from Belgium.

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