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Ukulele World Tour : Thailand / เมืองไทย

07 2013

Time for a Thai break today !

There is a large community of ukulele players in Thailand so I have selected a few videos for your entertainment. Sorry if I don’t attempt to translate the title of the songs or any other information, I don’t speak Thai and I am rather skeptical with what Google Translate comes up with. If you speak Thai and can help me, please leave me a comment !

First stop is at the Thailand International Ukulele Fest 2013 where we’ll listen to a song by Singto Numchok, a very popular ukulele player in Thailand.

สิงโต นำโชค – อยู่ต่อเลยได้ไหม :

Next is a skillful instrumental ukulele cover by Tangguitar

ถามจันทร์ Ukulele บรรเลง cover by หลูดดอด

Finally, a Thai ukulele lady, Apple Show, lets you enjoy the sounds of the Thai language with her lovely voice.

เธอคิดยังไงกัน (นท The Star) by Apple Show

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  1. Ron Hale on the 12th of November 2013 @ 18:18

    Have you seen how Google translates French, Armelle?

    Just going by the sheer number of videos the Thai ukulele scene is huge and full of energy. There must be local blogs because English language ones cannot hope to capture all that’s going on there with the cultural differences.

    I don’t know if she still does it but Apple Show
    used to play a different uke in each of her videos.

  2. Armelle Europe on the 14th of November 2013 @ 10:39

    @Ron Hale: Ron, I have indeed seen some very funny instances of mistranslations to French (or from French to English), so when I have no idea about a language, I prefer to remain cautious and leave things untranslated.

    I am aware of Thai blogs or forum but not knowing the language makes them unreadable.

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