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Weekly Ukulele World Tour : 6 countries, 3 languages

02 2010

Today we’ll not only fly like a bee to all corners of the globe, we’ll also travel back in time with a few covers of older tunes.

Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK and the US will be among our destinations with a few nice linguistic surprises such as a Russian song performed by an American or a Mexican song performed by a German.


Gwyn aka Gwynthesizer does a really nice cover of Winter is Blue by Vashti Bunyan, an artist I didn’t know before listening to Gwyn‘s cover.

Streetwize Birdcage from Perth perform This Year by The Mountain Goats


Moving on to Switzerland with an original song by Yan Songer, Feels like Home.


First video from Austria ever featured on Ukulele & Languages, nana d from Linz performs Sad Girls.


Krabbers performs, Candles, one of his original songs for the Berkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre.


Sam Love from Helvetica Ukes covers a song in Russian. The song called Пусть бегут неуклюже was popular in the former Soviet Union countries as it was sung by Krokodil Gena, a character from a clay animation program called Cheburashka.

Arlene covers Sweetheart from Venezuela written by Fitzroy Alexander and made popular by Harry Belafonte in 1957.


evepapillon13 covers Cien años by Pedro Infante, a Mexican actor and singer (1917 – 1957).

Lyrics can be found here.

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