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World Uke Tube for a grey Sunday

09 2010

Time for another World Uke Tube !

This should brighten your day in case the weather is as dull where you are as it is here today. If it isn’t, please send some sunshine !

We’ll start with Portugal with the return of the Portuguese Ukulele Orchestra, Voodoo Marmalade, who will not fail to brighten the mood.


Voodoo Marmalade in a medley Clandestino (by multilinguistic Manu Chao) / Chiclete

And since they’ve been silent for quite a while, here is a live performance of Rawhide


Norwegian band Yoyoyo Acapulco and the colourful video of their song Orange


Craig Robertson has just released a new CD, Better Liar. You can read details on the contents of the CD here and purchase it here.

Here is Craig performing one of his original song, Keep on Actin’.


I discovered Mallu Magalhães on the Brazilian Ukulele Blog Ukulele Brasil. Thanks to Marcelo for this.

Mallu Magalhães performing Make It Easy


Dirk aka. Mugambismonkey in an original song called Alles wird gut. Let’s hope so !


Saiam Pansey from Thailand covers Bitter Heart by Zee Avi


An original song by Matt called Someone


Cover of a song called 砂に消えた涙, Un Buco Nella Sabbia

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